Thursday, February 19, 2009

My First Day

Hi my name is Maria. And I'm in fouth grade. I'm almost 10


  1. H mars I i've been coming to your blog every day now it's so cool!! You Rock!! school was the worst today! bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from: Hannah (Boots)

  2. hi mars its me hannah and MOE (makaya) yo whats up. I slept over at hannah's house we watched air bud volleyball me and.she fell asleep during the movie it was so funny. I wish you were there!! But I have you over a lot because it is her turn. PEACE OUT DUDET! see you at school on monday for the chip and pop party!!!!!!!!!!
    From: moe and boots

  3. I posted my silly video of you on my blog! Thanks for telling me how to do it!